Point of Departure

Point of Departure for webMost of the time I am drawn to organic forms and textures—those found in rocks, water, sand, feathers, leaves, and the like.  Sometimes, however, the play of light, shadow, and shape in an inorganic or manufactured form is so compelling that I want to work with it.  I bring out my camera and begin experimenting with possible compositions until I find one that really speaks to me.

In this case, I was immediately fascinated with the shapes and lines I saw.  I also like the fact that there are intangible elements present.  The only truly physical bits are the carved stone, a triangular slice of which I abstracted as the primary form in this photograph, and the large, polished, metal disk that it and several other carved stones rested upon.  The second triangle, much thinner than the first and inverted in relation to it, is intangible.  It is a shadow.  I love he way that these forms interact with one another, and with the concentric rings of the disk.