My Unique 12 Warranties


 1)  You receive a 30-day “no questions asked” money back return guarantee from the time of purchase.  Your investment is risk free.

2)  I regularly raise my prices.  Your investment will increase in value.

3)  You have the choice of selecting your favorite photograph framed or unframed.  All frames are custom-made of wood with a fine satin finish.

4)  I precisely bevel cut every image by hand.  Each one is customized to the artwork you are purchasing.  All photographs are elegantly and archivally mounted and overmatted to museum standards in a 4-ply window.

5)  To protect your investment, all the materials I use in printing and mounting are fully archival, meeting or exceeding current museum standards.

6) You are guaranteed that every photograph is handcrafted with attention to detail.  I have edited and printed each one.  I do so in order that you may enjoy to the utmost the nuanced qualities of light, shadow, texture, and rich color.

7)  I sign every image personally.  Limited editions are both signed and numbered to secure the value of your investment.

8)  I will personally tell you the story of where and how your photograph was created.  This will make your artwork even more enjoyable, for it further personalizes your purchase.  You can gain satisfaction in sharing this knowledge with family and friends.

9)  I will give you my biography and artist statement.

10)  You will receive my toll free number and my email address. You can call or email me any time you have a question about your artwork or about your order. I am looking forward to helping you.

11)  Your artwork can be shipped to you.  Your package will be trackable and insured.  Just call my toll free number or email me and I will give you the tracking number.  Although I pack your art with great care, shippers on very rare occasions damage artwork.  This is no problem at all for you.  I will gladly send you a replacement piece at no extra cost.

12)  Your artwork will be delivered in a timely manner (if you asked to have it shipped to you). Most packages are shipped within a week and dependably arrive an average of three days after being shipped.


Joel Geffen, PO Box 2317, Ann Arbor, MI 48106
734-904-9632  or toll free at 877-878-1957